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Five Ideas to Fill Your Emelda Norm Card

Raise your hand if your lifelong dream is to write greeting cards.

If your hand is up, this post isn’t for you.

This is for those of us who struggle to find the words that will convey how much another person means to us. If you’ve ever found yourself speechless when writing a note or special message—this one’s for you!

1. Start from within. Speak from your heart. Has this person been there for you when times were tough? Do they inspire you? Would your life be the same without them? It may sound heavy, but exploring the importance of your relationship to the card recipient may spark a bit of inspiration. You don’t have to get super mushy but everyone loves a heartfelt message.

2. Compose a poem – or a song. Ok, just hear me out. This is a different route. Why not create a tune? It just might make them swoon. Write the lyrics in the card. And when they open it, you become a bard. You sing the lyrics as they read. And pray they love your thoughtful deed. Or you could write a simple rhyme. I just hope your poem is better than mine.

3. Mention a funny or heartwarming memory. Remember that time I drunkenly carried you home after a party, and out of nowhere there was a crazy storm and we were scared we’d get swept away by a tornado? I want you to know that no matter the storm in life, I will always be there to guide you to safety. See what I did there?

4. Include an inside joke. A message that only makes sense to you and the person you love will always induce a smile. There’s something about a bit of secret witty banter that endears you to other people. Turtle toes! *insert raucous laughter and confused looks here*

5. Don’t forget the purpose! What are we celebrating? A big accomplishment? A
milestone? Are you giving thanks? Sometimes a simple “Happy Birthday. I love you so much!” is all it takes.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to fill your card. The beautiful images on Emelda Norm greeting cards speak for themselves. Check out our card selection here. You’ve got this! Just remember to take pride in your paper.