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Our Stories Matter

101 years ago, the Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a Black mecca. Black-owned businesses were ubiquitous, including hair salons, doctors’ offices, grocery stores, theaters, and restaurants; Greenwood was affectionately known as Black Wall Street. 

100 years ago, that same neighborhood was burned to the ground.

Within hours, a community built by Black people for Black people was destroyed. Left behind is the story of Greenwood. A story that remains a part of American history to this day. It is a tale of entrepreneurship; of the African American dream. It’s about survival and making a way for ourselves in a country that erected roadblocks at every turn.

For us at Emelda Norm, the quest for entrepreneurship extends beyond survival. It’s about freedom: the opportunity to be our own boss, be as creative as we’d like, and have the flexibility to pick and choose the work that matters most. It is answering to no one but ourselves (and our customers, of course). 

Emelda Norm recognizes that entrepreneurship is also about believing “anything is possible,” finding solutions to everyday problems, trying new things, and achieving your own goals (and not goals that have been set for you). In the spirit of "anything is possible," we are excited about the prospect of building something that will hopefully outlast us. 

As Juneteenth approaches and we think about the stories of our people, we remember the citizens of Greenwood. We pay tribute to their entrepreneurial spirit and remain inspired to continue the work they began; surviving, pursuing freedom, finding solutions, and leaving a mark. 

Entrepreneurship matters. Our stories matter. It’s time to take pride in your paper.

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