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Celebrating Freedom

July Fourth is around the corner! 

It’s time for good food, fireworks, family, and friends. For most Americans, it is also about celebrating freedom. But what about those of us that see freedom a little differently? Those of us that are aware that not all people in America were actually free on July 4, 1776? How do we celebrate a day that excluded us?

I’m so glad you asked! Behold, a short list of alternative ways to celebrate the Fourth.


  1. Junetheenth, The Afterparty: Who doesn’t love an afterparty (or an after, afterparty)? Listen, we are on the heels of one of the Blackest days of the year. Why not keep the party going? Break out your favorite yak, assign the right person to make the potato salad, and set up that Spades table. These are all required aspects of a proper summer cookout anyway, right? Make it clear that on the day many are celebrating America’s freedom—we are still celebrating ours.
  2. An Independence Party: Sing it with me now—I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that means? Yes, yes. The Fourth is all about independence. And if you have your own house (or apartment), your own car (or metro pass), and you’re a bad shut-your-mouth, it’s time to celebrate! Throw on Destiny’s Child (Independent Woman Part II) and cheers to the people in your life that make things happen despite the odds. 
  3. Did someone say staycation? Beat the heat and the traffic. Stay home! Hanging out with friends and family is cool, but have you ever sat semi-naked in the house in close proximity to the air conditioning vent so that you could feel the cool air blasting on your skin while reveling in peaceful silence? Is that too specific? Staycations are all the rage. I know, I know—we’ve been in the house for a year now. But we’re still technically in the midst of a panoramic. We may as well enjoy our alone time while it’s still acceptable. 
  4. Christmas in July: This one might be the corniest, but everyone loves Christmas, right?? You can call it “Friendsmas” and gather your closest pals for a tacky tank top party, white elephant gift exchange, and drunk caroling—err—karaoke. The best holiday of the year deserves to be celebrated twice!
  5. Focus on what matters: Skip the theatrics. At the end of the day, you all know why I’m here. I want to drink good drinks, I want to eat good food, I want to laugh, and, if I'm not too tired, I want to see fireworks. So do just that. It doesn’t have to have a theme or a purpose. Enjoy your long weekend and do the things that make you happy with the people you love. 

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